Building Tomorrows, Today!

Services WI offers:

  • CONSULTING SERVICES that better connect employers to community resources
  • PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS that create an entity (a Workforce Intermediary) that better aligns/connects employer needs to a community/city supply
  • BUSINESS PLANS that include local assessment of community and workforce needs
  • RECRUITING PLANS that include “active” and “passive” strategies for workforce engagement
  • CASE MANAGEMENT TOOLS including a new system that incorporates individual case management with aggregate results reporting
  • RETENTION TOOLS for businesses, colleges and universities, and community and faith-based organizations




  • FOR CHURHILL DOWNS the WI provided executive recruiting services that increased diversity and inclusion
  • FOR DOLLAR GENERAL the WI provided 50% increase in first year sales, 70% first year retention, $100,000 in cost per hire savings, 3% “shrinkage”
  • FOR FANNIE MAE the WI provided for the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA a community workforce pilot that improved retention and a reduced cost per hire for PNC BANK
  • FOR JEFFERSON COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS (LOUISVILLE, KY) the WI placed 491 youth in paid internships
  • FOR A LOUISVILLE COLLEGE the WI improved retention from 42% to 60% in 9 months
  • FOR THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF LOUISVILLE, the WI placed 113 teen mothers in internships with grades improving 8% and attendance improving 4%; Partnering employers (PNC BANK, JEWISH HOSPITAL, HUMANA, WENDYS & METROPOLITAN SEWER DISTRICT) saved an average $147,000 in cost per hire.